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If what we have said about this morning is yesterday’s news, let’s talk about it NOW.

Energetic Body Coaching

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years and as a personal trainer for more than 10 years. I work in the company fitness and work also with juvenile competitive athletes. They have inspired me to become a mental coach.

I myself have always been a spiritual person and believe that events and physical sensibilities have a “higher” connection than the “clumsy” appearance in the real world here.

So I work with people at their fitness, the one or the other suffering and wanting to get it “under control“ by improving their fitness.

However, I know that in most cases, this pain has a different connection than pure physical expression and requires much more attention than one or the other exercise, diet or fitness enhancement. I speak from my own experience, because with various herniated discs and a number of other ailments, I can probably write a book about it.

So I know how pain feels, the emotions, the helplessness and that it is always an announcement to go into your own power!

I have made food trips in different directions and I know here too that patterns can sit deeper and can not always be resolved with disciplinary perseverance.

It is about going back into self-responsibility and I want to work with people who are willing to take that step and also realize that ONLY YOU HAVE the result in hand. I offer my knowledge, my sense, my intuition, my ear, my love for what I do, when I reach out my hand to give back his body to man.

Anyone who is prepared to face this personal and often intimate task, or perhaps has been seeking this kind of access for a long time, will find the right person in me.

My own passion lies in trying to understand the interdependencies, so I dive and swim in spirituality, quantum physics, neurobiology, and the issues that prove that we are more than our bodies or what we think of ourselves.

I am a sensitive empath and I feel people, feel their hearts.

For many years I have been directing myself through different methods of energy work and am a trained Lightgrids Teacher (Damien Wynne self-empowerment teacher), which allows me to incorporate more of the awareness work into my work.

I would like to unify these levels in the future, because our body is a fascinating unity of these whole contexts, which is there at every second of the day to serve us in harmony.

So the energetic body coaching arose. In this work, I can combine the external movement with the inner movement and thus gently and harmoniously provide the body, the soul and the spirit with an impulse.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The bridge between the two can be our soul if given the opportunity to sort through your information.