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Movement and awareness coaching

The body is a system of many individual systems, all of which work together optimally and effectively for each other and in one another.
So our body system ALWAYS works harmoniously to the highest well-being of all systems, say to MY supreme well-being.

There are times when this inherently harmonious system is out of balance. The causes for this are of different nature. Learned patterns, habits, and beliefs are just a few examples of these reasons. Long-term overload of both the body and the psyche can also be causes.

Our highly intelligent body system tries to compensate for this imbalance as long as possible. The body and its system in the unit can enable this over a period of time. If that does not work, our body gives us signs to the outside world.
As a rule, we do not react adequately in the outside world until a disease or injury, or pain, often chronic, has become so great that it needs our full attention. This condition affects our quality of life, our mood, our capacity, our sleep, our relationships and so on.

The concept of prevention or prophylaxis does not apply at this moment anymore.

In my movement and awareness coaching I want to track down with you the causes that have led to this condition. I found out for myself that a classic medical history often is not enough to create an optimal training program. The language of the body as an expression of our soul talks a different language and
this first introductory discussion is too short often.

Through the discussion in coaching, we can find a way to these causes together.

In the movement and further coaching, I often find the true causes and learn what exercises the body can perform for an effective and everyday orientation first.
Through an individual and adapted movement program, we can bring the unity of body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Movement and awareness coaching is therefore a combination of coaching / awareness work and personal training / body therapy.

I also like working with you and your body to your highest good and am pleased if you contact me if this kind of body work appeals to you.

For questions and for a non-binding conversation, you can contact me.