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Every movement is better than none.


Fitness Are you avoiding the stairs?
Are your limbs stiff when you’ve been sitting for a long time or getting up in the morning?
Do you always park as close as possible?
Is shoe binding a challenge?
Do you often feel clumsy, immobile and fast out of breath?

I’d like to help you improve your personal fitness so that in future you’ll get up, stoop, sit properly, get out of the car, climb stairs, and the usual everyday grips and movements will not cause you any problems and become easier again.

So what is fitness?

Power is the ability to overcome or counteract external resistance.
One distinguishes between maximum strength, speed, strength endurance.

Coordination is the ability to perform movements that require rapid and / or purposeful action economically, accurately and harmoniously.
The general coordination includes the control of complex movements or individual movements in sports situations and in everyday life.

Endurance is the fatigue resistance for long-lasting loads. A distinction is made between different endurance abilities. The general or basic endurance and the specific or sport-specific endurance.

Agility is the ability to perform movements in the optimal radius of action of the joints. The basis for this is the extensibility of the muscles, the interaction of the elastic abilities of muscles, tendons and ligaments, the required strength to achieve the anatomically given range of motion and the corresponding coordination ability of the musculature.

Do you want to improve your posture, lose weight, tone your muscles, improve your stamina, or just feel good about yourself?

Whatever aspect of your personal fitness you wish to improve, I will work out an individual training plan that will help you achieve your goals.